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The photo at the top right shows a fluorescent coral. It reminds of a "Fabergé egg" .


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[Ties Lahlali]

Many thanks to Ties Lahlali of www.duikeninthailand.info and www.uvdivekohtao.com for his contribution of magnificent photos and for helping testing our equipment!

[Markus Laube]

Many thanks to Markus Laube for his contribution of magnificent photos and videos!

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Ties Lahlali @ UV Dive Koh Tao (2013-03-17):
We at UV Dive Koh Tao specialize in offering fluorescence night dives, and we want to offer our customers the most spectacular sights possible. During the six years of our existence we have used gear from many different manufacturers, but lately we have come across the equipment from FluoMedia.org. It is so much better than anything we've used or seen before in terms of power, beauty of fluorescence and robustness that we decided to invest heavily in FluoMedia.org equipment, to eventually replace all of our existing equipment.
[Ties Lahlali Testimonial]
Photo © 2013 Ties Lahlali

Christian Mächler @ Werner Lau Diving Centres Maldives (2014-03-12):
Ich habe nun endlich Euren Maskenfilter auf den Malediven ausprobieren können... Du hast recht, die Farben sind viel attraktiver... ;-) Deswegen würde ich gern 12 dieser Maskenfilter bei Dir bestellen...
Finally I was able to test your mask filter here in the Maldives... You are right, the colours are much more attractive... ;-) Therefore I would like to order 12 of these mask filters from you...

Elisabeth Lauwerys @ Oceans Below (2014-07-07):
Actually it was Ties who got me hooked on that torch... (SuperBlue). For video it works so much better than the filters I had for my white video lights. By using the SuperBlue lights the camera sees the actual colours you see through your visor. With the filters over my old video lights, I mainly saw the green fluorescent corals and whenever I found an octopus, which glows orange, I couldn't film it because the camera didn't pick up that colour.
[Elisabeth Lauwerys Testimonial]
Photo © 2014 Elisabeth Lauwerys

Ben Shuttleworth (2015-01-15):
Hey Steffen, I've been incognito in Australia for a while. Just want to say thanks for all the help mate, the best customer service I've ever had, all the best for the future, cheers, Ben

Thomas Andersson (2016-06-15):
Hi Steffen! We are now on Bonaire. We did our first fluodive yesterday and wow!!! Great torches! Much better than the Solas we used to rent! Camilla will put up some pictures for you later. She is so excited by the equipment. Best regards from a Sunnny Bonaire Thomas, Camilla and Martin



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